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The best beginner workout and playlist + 3 great tanks to look cute doing it

The inspiration for this post came from the fact that I am incredibly out of a shape. I’m the type of person who walks up the stairs and then attempts to stifle how truly out of breath it made me. I hate working out. No, it’s not because I’m necessary lazy, I just don’t have time for it. I’d rather go to the dentist than the gym and there are plenty of other activities I’d prefer to fill my day with.

However, working out is incredibly important. I genuinely wished I had a liking for it because I am a health conscious person and I want my body to be in the best shape possible. That being said, I searched high and low for a workout that fit my schedule, my dislike for the gym, and also didn’t include running…. and this is what I discovered.


Ladies and Gentleman…. THE JUMPROPE!


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You probably remember during recess in grade school they would hand out jump ropes. Well, let me just tell you this, jumping rope is not as easy as it was in elementary school. The first day I picked up a jump rope, I literally thought ‘I cannot believe I used to do this for fun’. However, it is a truly amazing workout. I can crawl out of bed and start working out. No gyms, no running, quick, and effective.

Jumping rope for ten minutes is equivalent to running an 8-minute mile. 

So how do you make it fun? Time yourself with music. I started with one song (because trust me, it will be the longest three minutes of your life), and moved up to two. Whoooo. Big whoop. You can jump rope for two songs… I know that is what you’re thinking but just try it. It’s HARD.


The perfect workout playlist:


Something Just Like This – The Chainsmokers + Coldplay

Punching in a Dream – The Naked and Famous

Young Blood – The Naked and Famous

All Time Low – Jon Bellion

I Took a Pill in Ibiza – Mike Posner

Glowing in the Dark – The Girl and the Dreamcatcher

Hymn for the Weekend – Coldplay

Burn – Ellie Goulding

Summertime Sadness – Lana Del Rey

Chandelier – Sia


3 workout tanks to love:


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12 little life lessons from a twenty-one-year-old fashion blogger

1- Talking bad about someone you like will ALWAYS come back to get you, rather it’s the next day or the next year.

2- When you stress about life and give yourself too many goals, you are forgetting to live and setting yourself up for failure.

3- Never forget the little things because those are the most important.

4- Life’s a bitch so why make it harder for others, be nice always.

5- Never go to sleep still angry. Resolve the problem/s beforehand. You’ll even sleep better.

6- Don’t believe a secondhand source, go to the primary one before making assumptions and acting.

7- Say what’s on your mind when an issue or a possible issue arises, don’t keep it in and explode with anger later on.

8- Most people have good intentions but appeasing themselves is their number one goal.

9- Travel often and get away to clear your mind.

10- Don’t take even the slightest things for granted because you truly don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

11- Be grateful for everything.

12- Aim to help, please, and love but remember that you can’t always win and not everyone is going to like you either way.

These life lessons are my favorite, I hope you find them as beneficial as I have.

Is your Louis Vuitton a fake?

This last week I have spent many hours on Ebay researching the Keepall B 45, my dream luggage. I have done research after research on this topic in hopes to purchase an authentic one. However, it takes time and energy to go through and compare bags to originals but here are some tips that will hopefully help you, as they have me!


“D” rings. Authentic Louis Vuitton uses “D” shaped rings on the majority of their bags. (See here)


 – Capitalization. If it is an older bag, (before the early 90’s), the “f” in france, will be LOWERCASE.  In the newer bags, the “F” is capitalized.


See where it’s made. If anywhere on the bag, (luggage tag, stamp, etc) it solely says ‘Louis Vuitton’, it is not legitimate. A bag will always say ‘LOUIS VUITTON, PARIS, made in France. Also, Louis Vuitton DID make purses elsewhere. There is a Louis Vuitton line from the USA, and Spain as well.

Know the product. Check on the actual Louis Vuitton site to make sure the product actually exists. For example, Louis Vuitton did not make a multicolor backpack.


The font. If the two T’s on Vuitton touch, the bag is not authentic. Also, the “O’ on Louis, need to be almost perfectly rounded.


Stitching. The stitching on the bag is VERY important. Louis Vuitton is a high-quality name and no authentic bag will have backstitching, stitching from the outside of the bag running through the inside, uneven stitching, or anything else that looks low quality. Also, all Louis Vuitton items will have yellow threading coated in beeswax.
Examine the monogram placement on the bag. The LV will always line up and most of the time the logo will be in the middle down the bag between the two handles. However, there are a few exceptions to his (A couple of the Keepall’s and a few others)


All of this being said, the most important thing to remember is that Louis Vuitton is a top notch brand and wouldn’t make anything less, so if a bag or wallet seems cheap or low quality, it’s fake.

Also, these are tips primarily for purchasing online. Most of the bags on Ebay are fake, and if they claim to be from an “outlet”, they are also fake. Purchasing through Louis Vuitton is the only way to confirm 100% that the bag is authentic.

If you have any tips that you love, let me know in the comments below and be sure to post a pic to the Her Style Says It All Facebook page and Instagram using the hashtag:


Five online stores you’ll wish you’d heard of sooner


I love online shopping, you love online shopping, we ALL love online shopping! So here is the best list of online stores you will ever find.

I’m not making money from any of these places, this is entirely based on my personal favorites that are reasonably priced and have a great selection!



Swell has recently become one of my favorite online stores. I used to surf a lot and live a few minutes away from the beach and as of late, those memories have only been taunting me with a big massive city and no ocean for miles. So, as a result, I’ve been stuck on my old “surf fashion” and this store is a HUGE help.
Not only do they have ridiculously great sales almost every single day, but it is all nice brands like Ripcurl, Hurley, RVCA, Roxy, etc. So if dressing like a surfer is something you fantasize about, then Swell is the place for you.


Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal is a great place to shop if you want a more diverse arrangement of brands and clothing styles.  Honestly, a good portion of their stuff I wouldn’t even look twice at, but the stuff that I do find and like from Nasty Gal, I don’t just “like”. I LOVE. They don’t sell as many brands but some of my favorite from the site are One Teaspoon and Vans.



This. Is. The. Place. ASOS is seriously incredible. Not only do they ship free to the US (They are UK based), but they have very reasonable pricing. You can purchase nearly any sort of garment you want from ASOS and they have a broad range of styles, prices, brands, and pretty much everything. Brands include (but are certainly not limited to) Gucci, Lacoste, Dolce and Gabbana, etc.


Rent The Runway

Every girl’s dream in one website. When I found this website, I went nuts. It isn’t exactly online shopping, more like online renting, but if you have prom coming up or a wedding or some event that you want to look fancy for, then this is where you should look. You can rent designer dresses for cheap. Seriously. I saw the labels and started fangirling. The next big event I have, I will use this website because the Vera Wang dress that Mischa Barton was just wearing, you can rent for 40$. Vera Wang isn’t even close to the only brand either. Versace, Oscar De La Renta, Kate Spade, D&G, and DKNY are there too, just to name a few more.



Choies is a great place to go if you are looking for that very unique but somehow extremely fashionable French fry sweatshirt, or something flashy and iconic. Their sweatshirts are my favorites, they are so interesting and stylish. Not items you see every day and not to mention, super affordable and they also ship free to the US!


I hope you liked my list of online stores! Comment below and let me know some of your favorites!

How to wear heels all day without it hurting like a B*

High heels can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Sure they make you appear taller, they make your legs look great, and they give you an extra confidence boost. However, it’s not often without paying a price.

There is nothing worse than buying a pair of beautiful heels and then killing your feet wearing them. So from one avid heel wearer to another, here are some great tips on how to wear heels without pain.

 Only wear them while you have to! This means no driving or sitting in the same place with your heels on. Kick them off under your desk, no one will notice, or tell them I said you can and I’m the boss.

 Tape your toesies. My favorite life hack is using medical tape around my third and fourth toes. This helps to take the pressure off of the ball of your foot and will have you pain-free for hours on end!

 Get a cushion pad for your heels. You can purchase a cushion pad for your high heels here for 6.99$ on Amazon. Place them where the ball of your foot would go and voila!

 Plan ahead when purchasing. Your feet tend to swell as the day goes on if you’ve been doing a lot of walking. Buy shoes towards the end of the day so they fit comfortably and aren’t too tight!

 Pick wedges! Heels that have more support, like wedges, are just all around more comfortable to wear. Also if they have a thick heel, they will provide better stability and balance and therefore, less pain.

 Find shoes with the most material. The more the shoe covers the top of your foot, the better the support.

and remember- If the heels aren’t comfortable from the start, they won’t ever be.


These are some of my favorite tips so I hope these work for you! Doubling up on them also works even better. If you have any tips that you love, let me know in the comments below and be sure to post a pic to the Her Style Says It All Facebook page and Instagram using the hashtag: