How to wear heels all day without it hurting like a B*

High heels can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Sure they make you appear taller, they make your legs look great, and they give you an extra confidence boost. However, it’s not often without paying a price.

There is nothing worse than buying a pair of beautiful heels and then killing your feet wearing them. So from one avid heel wearer to another, here are some great tips on how to wear heels without pain.

 Only wear them while you have to! This means no driving or sitting in the same place with your heels on. Kick them off under your desk, no one will notice, or tell them I said you can and I’m the boss.

 Tape your toesies. My favorite life hack is using medical tape around my third and fourth toes. This helps to take the pressure off of the ball of your foot and will have you pain-free for hours on end!

 Get a cushion pad for your heels. You can purchase a cushion pad for your high heels here for 6.99$ on Amazon. Place them where the ball of your foot would go and voila!

 Plan ahead when purchasing. Your feet tend to swell as the day goes on if you’ve been doing a lot of walking. Buy shoes towards the end of the day so they fit comfortably and aren’t too tight!

 Pick wedges! Heels that have more support, like wedges, are just all around more comfortable to wear. Also if they have a thick heel, they will provide better stability and balance and therefore, less pain.

 Find shoes with the most material. The more the shoe covers the top of your foot, the better the support.

and remember- If the heels aren’t comfortable from the start, they won’t ever be.


These are some of my favorite tips so I hope these work for you! Doubling up on them also works even better. If you have any tips that you love, let me know in the comments below and be sure to post a pic to the Her Style Says It All Facebook page and Instagram using the hashtag:



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9 Comments on “How to wear heels all day without it hurting like a B*

  1. Love the tips! I’ve had a lot of heels but had to throw them out due to wear and tear. I don’t wear heels as often since my work is home-based. Btw, the last one you mentioned is spot on – ‘If the heels aren’t comfortable from the start, they won’t ever be.’
    Mica | There’s More to Mica

    1. Aww noo. Throwing out old shoes is heartbreaking! Glad you liked. Thanks for the love!

  2. Thanks! I had heard about taping the toes together before but honestly thought it might just a joke, like lets see how many women we can get to tape their toes together! But I guess its a thing! I’ll have to try it next time.

    1. Yes! I thought it was a phony tip as well when I first heard about it, but it did work for me. It may also depend on the type of heel as well.

  3. Awesome tips, the struggle is real! I always have the habit of dangling my high heel off the tip of my toes while at my desk, so that always helps give some relief. Word of caution though, if you’re not careful you’ll be in a meeting and your shoe flies off and lands halfway under the table out of reach! Yeah, that was embarrassing…

    1. Haha I do that too! That is funny! That definitely sounds like something that would happen to me. Thanks for the love <3

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