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How I Whiten My Teeth | Smile Brilliant

My Teeth Whitening Routine



Recently I was browsing my Facebook and Instagram photos and one thing really stuck out. In more than half of my pictures I’m holding coffee cups. Here’s one example and honest to God I can get you about fifty more. Anyway, it was that moment that I started to pay closer attention to my teeth. It’s no secret that the wonderous drink can and will stain your pearly whites and mine are no exception.



Being the stubborn coffee enthusiast that I am, there is literally no chance that I would ever give it up my morning Starbucks routine so I figured I was going to be doomed with coffee teeth for the rest of my life because I was not going to shell out big bucks for teeth whitening.

However, after seeing Smile Brilliant on Facebook and the amazing results that were across social media, I knew I needed to get on the teeth whitening train. I couldn’t believe how affordable it was and how easy!

Receiving my kit in the mail I was practically beaming from ear to ear and it was that night I made my impressions. Let me just tell you, getting the perfect impression was a bit difficult for me. I was determined not to use the extra molding paste but *sigh* the first mold I took of my upper teeth I was not satisfied with so I took a second try. Long story short, I ended up needing to order another set of the molding paste but I was shocked at how fast it came in the mail and how responsive they were to my needs.

Once I got my trays I started whitening right away and I was amazed that I had little to no sensitivity! I love using Smile Brilliant because of how easy it is to use and how great the results are. Not to mention, I use it on my own time and can whiten while I blog or watch Netflix (Riverdale holla).

Thank you Smile Brilliant for creating such a great product!





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How To Style Chokers



Jewelry is like the perfect spice – it always complements what’s already there.  – Diane Von Furstenberg


I LOVE chokers. I think they are darling and can honestly be worn with practically anything. However, when I first noticed that they were coming back in style, I was a bit hesitant to jump on the train. My reasoning was that, to me, it seemed as though chokers were primarily worn by those who embraced the ‘grunge’ look.

I think the grunge look is amazing. I wish I could pull it off, but it just isn’t me. That being said, I LOVE to pull pieces from that style and incorporate them in ways that fit my individual style best. Chokers are one of those items.

I have since learned that chokers truly can be intertwined with nearly any style and even though they are popular with the grunge look, there are plenty of other ways to wear them as well.


Tips for styling chokers:


  • Chokers work best with lower necklines (v-neck, scoop-neck, sweetheart) NOT turtle-neck. Halter tops or dresses don’t work as well either since the fabric comes up high.
  • Most chokers look best with casual wear but depending on the type of choker, can also be worn with formal attire.
  • Black is a great color to wear with chokers. Most chokers I’ve seen are black and tying it together with a shirt that is the same color, is a great way to create a simple and classic look.


My favorite way to wear them personally is with a tie-dye shirt and denim shorts. I am a huge fan of the late 90’s/early 00’s coming back and that is certainly a way to welcome it.


Want one?

Check out these super cute ones on Amazon here!

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How To Style And Care For Converse


converse with jeans


Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world – Marilyn Monroe


Converse are a classic shoe. They have been around for years and worn by probably just about everyone. You can purchase them in just about any color, and are relatively cheap to buy. That being said, it’s not always easy to find an outfit to match them.

Why? Converse have somewhat of a longstanding personality and stigma of their own. You see them frequently in movies or on tv with a very casual outfit, usually jeans and t-shirt. They are casual shoes that have remained iconic for a long time. However, nowadays it is much more common to see people styling converse with dresses and skirts! Which really leaves us the question as to what don’t they go with?

Of course you can wear anything you please and especially in this time where pretty much anything goes. This is just an article to give you some ideas as to how to wear them!


Tips on what to wear with Converse:
  • Casual wear! Ripped jeans, jeans, casual shorts, band t-shirts etc.
  • White Converse are the cleanest (but get dirty the quickest) and seem to look the best with more formal attire.
  • I love Converse with kind of a lazy-day look, and try not to match them too well with an outfit (Teal shirt, teal shoes, or purple shirt, purple shoes).
  • Converse with overalls is such a cute way to fashion them as well.
  • Try pairing the shoe with black leggings and an oversized sweatshirt for a cute and comfy look!


Tips on how to care for your Converse:
  • Do NOT machine wash or dry. That ruins the material.
  • Use a mild soap (using a strong soap can fade the color on the shoes).
  • Warm water and a washcloth is the best way to clean and care for loved Converse. <3
  • If you get them wet, let them dry before wearing them again.
  • Don’t submerge them in water. It ruins the glue that holds the shoe together.


Want a pair? Click here. Amazon has a great selection of Converse!


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12 little life lessons from a twenty-one-year-old fashion blogger

1- Talking bad about someone you like will ALWAYS come back to get you, rather it’s the next day or the next year.

2- When you stress about life and give yourself too many goals, you are forgetting to live and setting yourself up for failure.

3- Never forget the little things because those are the most important.

4- Life’s a bitch so why make it harder for others, be nice always.

5- Never go to sleep still angry. Resolve the problem/s beforehand. You’ll even sleep better.

6- Don’t believe a secondhand source, go to the primary one before making assumptions and acting.

7- Say what’s on your mind when an issue or a possible issue arises, don’t keep it in and explode with anger later on.

8- Most people have good intentions but appeasing themselves is their number one goal.

9- Travel often and get away to clear your mind.

10- Don’t take even the slightest things for granted because you truly don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

11- Be grateful for everything.

12- Aim to help, please, and love but remember that you can’t always win and not everyone is going to like you either way.

These life lessons are my favorite, I hope you find them as beneficial as I have.

Is your Louis Vuitton a fake?

This last week I have spent many hours on Ebay researching the Keepall B 45, my dream luggage. I have done research after research on this topic in hopes to purchase an authentic one. However, it takes time and energy to go through and compare bags to originals but here are some tips that will hopefully help you, as they have me!


“D” rings. Authentic Louis Vuitton uses “D” shaped rings on the majority of their bags. (See here)


 – Capitalization. If it is an older bag, (before the early 90’s), the “f” in france, will be LOWERCASE.  In the newer bags, the “F” is capitalized.


See where it’s made. If anywhere on the bag, (luggage tag, stamp, etc) it solely says ‘Louis Vuitton’, it is not legitimate. A bag will always say ‘LOUIS VUITTON, PARIS, made in France. Also, Louis Vuitton DID make purses elsewhere. There is a Louis Vuitton line from the USA, and Spain as well.

Know the product. Check on the actual Louis Vuitton site to make sure the product actually exists. For example, Louis Vuitton did not make a multicolor backpack.


The font. If the two T’s on Vuitton touch, the bag is not authentic. Also, the “O’ on Louis, need to be almost perfectly rounded.


Stitching. The stitching on the bag is VERY important. Louis Vuitton is a high-quality name and no authentic bag will have backstitching, stitching from the outside of the bag running through the inside, uneven stitching, or anything else that looks low quality. Also, all Louis Vuitton items will have yellow threading coated in beeswax.
Examine the monogram placement on the bag. The LV will always line up and most of the time the logo will be in the middle down the bag between the two handles. However, there are a few exceptions to his (A couple of the Keepall’s and a few others)


All of this being said, the most important thing to remember is that Louis Vuitton is a top notch brand and wouldn’t make anything less, so if a bag or wallet seems cheap or low quality, it’s fake.

Also, these are tips primarily for purchasing online. Most of the bags on Ebay are fake, and if they claim to be from an “outlet”, they are also fake. Purchasing through Louis Vuitton is the only way to confirm 100% that the bag is authentic.

If you have any tips that you love, let me know in the comments below and be sure to post a pic to the Her Style Says It All Facebook page and Instagram using the hashtag: