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How I Whiten My Teeth | Smile Brilliant

My Teeth Whitening Routine



Recently I was browsing my Facebook and Instagram photos and one thing really stuck out. In more than half of my pictures I’m holding coffee cups. Here’s one example and honest to God I can get you about fifty more. Anyway, it was that moment that I started to pay closer attention to my teeth. It’s no secret that the wonderous drink can and will stain your pearly whites and mine are no exception.



Being the stubborn coffee enthusiast that I am, there is literally no chance that I would ever give it up my morning Starbucks routine so I figured I was going to be doomed with coffee teeth for the rest of my life because I was not going to shell out big bucks for teeth whitening.

However, after seeing Smile Brilliant on Facebook and the amazing results that were across social media, I knew I needed to get on the teeth whitening train. I couldn’t believe how affordable it was and how easy!

Receiving my kit in the mail I was practically beaming from ear to ear and it was that night I made my impressions. Let me just tell you, getting the perfect impression was a bit difficult for me. I was determined not to use the extra molding paste but *sigh* the first mold I took of my upper teeth I was not satisfied with so I took a second try. Long story short, I ended up needing to order another set of the molding paste but I was shocked at how fast it came in the mail and how responsive they were to my needs.

Once I got my trays I started whitening right away and I was amazed that I had little to no sensitivity! I love using Smile Brilliant because of how easy it is to use and how great the results are. Not to mention, I use it on my own time and can whiten while I blog or watch Netflix (Riverdale holla).

Thank you Smile Brilliant for creating such a great product!





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